What is an in-store survey?

What is an in-store survey?

The in-store factors influencing most shoppers' purchasing behavior include POP, pricing, packaging, sales floor layouts, or product demonstrations. In-store marketing targets the intersection between consumers and products and is a decisive factor in determining purchasing behavior.
Cross Marketing supports clients' in-store marketing needs through a broad range of in-store survey services.

Features of Cross Marketing in-store surveys

Optimizing the sales floor and product shelf in physical stores

Many store types cooperate with our surveys, including convenience stores, drug stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls. We can conduct research via the sales floor and in-store product shelves.

Our research options provide solutions to your marketing challenges

We offer an expansive menu of research services, including quantitative and qualitative research. We also offer data analysis using devices such as eye-tracking to carry out research that caters to our clients' marketing needs.

List of in-store surveys

  • Merchandizing research

    Merchandizing researchAssess the effectiveness of promotion based on POS data and campaigns implementation status.

  • Mystery shopper (undercover research)

    Mystery shopper
    (undercover research) Undercover investigators look into customer service, services offered, and the business status of our client's stores along with that of their competitors

  • Shopper CLT (Central location test)

    Shopper CLT
    (Central location test)Visitors are guided to a venue adjacent to the store to complete a questionnaire. This test can be carried out at our partner shopping malls.

  • In-store video survey

    In-store video surveyMonitor cameras record purchasing behavior and analyze the recorded data.

  • Eye-tracking

    Eye-trackingA special device measures the user's eye movements and converts "position," "direction of gaze," and "confirmation time" into data.

  • In-store traffic flow survey

    In-store traffic flow surveySurveyors conduct quantitative research on where customers spend time on the sales floor and how they move around the store.

  • In-store interview (exit survey)

    In-store interview
    (exit survey)Interview customers who are in the store or at the exit.

  • Shop-along survey (customer observation)

    Shop-along survey
    (customer observation)Researchers interview target consumers after observing them shopping to gain an insight into the actual shopping process.

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